These are the universities that help to build U.S. nuclear weapons

Nearly 50 U.S. universities are involved in the research and design of U.S. nuclear weapons, largely in secret and in contradiction of their mission statements. Students and faculty must demand their universities stop helping to build weapons of mass destruction.

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I want these schools to stop
making nuclear weapons

What is in the report?

Universities across the United States are implicated by this new report for work on nuclear weapons, ranging from directly managing laboratories that design nuclear weapons to recruiting and training the next generation of nuclear weapons scientists. Much of universities' nuclear weapons work is kept secret from students and faculty by classified research policies and undisclosed details from contracts with the Defense Department and the Energy Department.

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How are universities complicit

Universities pursue different pathways to help to develop U.S. nuclear weapons. Some directly manage the laboratories that design nuclear weapons. Others partner with laboratories to recruit and train the next generation of weapons scientists. Still others use U.S. government funding to do basic research that is applied to nuclear weapons work. This report identifies four concrete categories of involvement: direct management, institutional partnerships, research programs and partnerships, and workforce development programs..


Why is this a problem?

My university is on the list. What can I do?

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