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Universities across the United States are identified in this new report for activities ranging from directly managing laboratories that design nuclear weapons to recruiting and training the next generation of nuclear weapons scientists. Much of universities' nuclear weapons work is kept secret from students and faculty by classified research policies and undisclosed contracts with the Defense Department and the Energy Department. 


The goal of the report is to spark ethical reflection and action about institutional and individual involvement in the nuclear weapons complex. Specifically, the report recommends:


  1. Provide greater transparency into connections with the nuclear weapons complex;
  2. Stop directly managing nuclear weapons production sites and dissolve research contracts solely related to nuclear weapons production;
  3. For contracts with dual-purpose research applications, demand greater transparency and create specific processes for ethical review of this research;
  4. Advocate for reinvestment of weapons activities funding to non-proliferation and environmental remediation efforts;
  5. Join cities and state legislatures in urging the federal government to support the 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and reverse course on nuclear arms control backsliding.

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