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Universities have kept their nuclear weapons work secret from students and faculty for too long. Our report exposes that uncomfortable truth. And if you want to make it extra hard for them to avoid the subject, why not ask them a question about it on their own social media accounts?

How to get in touch


Universities are regularly posting about their successes from their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. So that's a great place to capture their attention. Find your university's social media handle in the list below, and tag them in a post to your own feeds, or ask them a question on their most recent post, tweet or story. 


What to say: 

The most powerful way to show your university that their involvement in nuclear weapons is unacceptable to you is to tell them in your own words. But here are a few sample messages to get you started:


Nuclear weapons have devastating humanitarian and environmental consequences. So why is my university supporting the creation of these weapons designed to mass murder millions of civilians in a flash? → universities.icanw.org


So disappointed to find my university in this report exposing the nearly 50 U.S. universities taking billions of dollars in research funding to support U.S. nuclear weapons development → universities.icanw.org These weapons are designed to mass murder civilians, why are we complicit in their production? 


You’re featured in our new report “Schools of Mass Destruction,” for your complicity in the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, designed to wipe out millions of civilians in a flash. → universities.icanw.org  Not a good look. What steps are you taking to end your involvement? 

If you're a student, alumni or faculty member, be clear about that, and tell them that you expect better from your university.


And the best link to point people back to our report is: universities.icanw.org

Social media handles


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